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Edoardo De Monte

Overall, I think that this resin a very good compromise between quality and affordability! The price is mid-range and the Elite resin provides high-range surface quality and stability. Even the tiniest details are captured with my 8K printer and they’re not softened or blurred by the light bleed. The supports are easy to remove with the help of a hair dryer, but they’re also strong while printing (I had zero failures even with the 0.2mm pillars), although they aren’t as stiff as the other resins (but this thing is easily conpensated as I described). This resin will be my new favourite resin for miniature printing. Aceaddity thanks a lot to produce such a good, solid and non expensive resin! I can’t wait to have your PLA to test it.

Austin Houston

Sharing some of the prints I've done using Aceaddittys flash pla+ This filament prints so good on the Creality K1! Excited to try out some other colors soon!