Joining the Resin Revolution with Me, Aceaddity Toughness Resin

Joining the Resin Revolution with Me, Aceaddity Toughness Resin

Greetings, 3D printing reative minds! I am Aceaddity Toughness Resin, and I'm thrilled to introduce myself as the newest member of the Aceaddity resin family. Together, we're about to embark on a journey that will reshape the way you perceive 3D printing. Here I will introduce my personalities to let you know me better as a new member to Aceaddity resin family!

  • Strength, Flexibility, and Beyond

Imagine a resin that not only boasts remarkable strength but also excels in flexibility and impact resistance. That's precisely what I bring to the table. My compatibility is boundless, ensuring I can seamlessly integrate into a wide range of 3D printing projects. Precision, resilience, and an unwavering commitment to quality are my defining features. Unlike many others, I'm not prone to breaking, and my exceptional stretchability sets me apart.

  • Elevating Your 3D Printing Game

But what truly sets me apart is my versatility. Not only can you use me as a standalone resin, but I also shine as an additive. When added to other resins, I enhance their performance, taking your 3D printing projects to the next level. I'm here to elevate your 3D printing game, whether you're an experienced pro or just starting your creative journey.

  • My professional technical details:

Max Load (KGF): A staggering 95.81%
Tensile Strength (MPa): A robust 22.58 ± 10%
Max Deformation at Max Load (mm): A remarkable 106.27 ± 10%
Yield Point Elongation (%): A resilient 7.387 ± 10%
Fracture Elongation (%): An impressive 187.13 ± 10%
Max Bending Strength (MPa): A solid 25.48 ± 10%
Bending Modulus (MPa): A resilient 672.86 ± 10%
Shore Hardness (D): Ranging from 73 to 75
Impact Strength (j/m): A noteworthy 47 ± 10%
Tensile Modulus (MPa): A substantial 267.74 ± 10%
Printing Parameters and Considerations 🚦

  • Now, let's talk about some printing finesse:

Given my slightly higher viscosity, it's essential to adjust your lift and retract speeds accordingly. Elevate your lift distance to 7mm, and consider extending your anti-aliasing settings or platform stabilization time to 3 seconds.

For optimal results, here are some suggested printing parameters:

Exposure Time: 2.5 seconds
Lift Distance (mm): 3
Lift Speed (mm/minute): 60
Initial Layer Exposure Time (s): 20
Layer Height (mm): 0.05
Retract Speed (mm/minute): 180

I am more than just resin; I am your partner in innovation, your creative ally, and your go-to for pushing the boundaries of 3D printing. Welcome me into your Aceaddity resin family, and together, we will create wonders that redefine the possibilities of 3D printing!

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